Starfish with smart sensor - illustration

I designed and illustrated animal personas for zooco smart sensors.

The Story

My goal was to create a way to promote smart sensors from ZOOCO. I decided to create animal representation of each sensor a create a whole new eco system for sensors developed in a future.

Illustration of a cartoon starfish standing next to a flood sensor


Starfish is your guard when it comes to water leaks. He has wife and a kid who likes to surf in a bathtub.


Hippo likes water. A lot! So he's checking it for you all the time so you can sleep well knowing your water bill won't get out of hand.

Illustration of a cartoon hippo standing next to a water sensor
Illustration of a cartoon canary standing next to a water heater raising a fist towards carbon monoxide cloud


Canary doesn't look like like it, but he is the guy who will save you from certain death. That's right! He checks carbon monoxide levels in the air for you 24/7.


Lioness is really good at watching. That's why we choose her to represent the motion sensor.

Illustration of a cartoon lioness
Illustration of a cartoon magpie dressed as a security guard


Magpies are good at stealing right? Well, not this one. She joined the good side as a security guard to make sure your stuff won't get stolen.

Illustration of a cartoon magpie riding a bike


The idea was that all the animals live in ZOOCO Town. Modeled after a small czech city, this town is a home to all the animals was to model different situations in which you might use the sensors.

Concept sketch of ZOOCO city with buildings and cars
Illustration of a building with water running out of the windows
Web header animation concept

Magpie story

The good thing about having a anti-theft sensor is that you'll know imediately when your stuff is getting stolen. The bad thing, you won't enjoy that coffee.

Illustration of a magpie in a coffee shop checking her phone to find out he got robbed

Starfish story

That little fella really likes surfing. Fortunatelly, his mom always know when he does it.

Illustration of a little boy starfish dragged out of the bathroom by his mom
ZOOCO Starfish Illustration

What fancy thing can I make for you?