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I created a virtual cemetery visualizing COVID-19 death stats

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"One Million Dead" is a personal project I started working on in late September 2020 as the world covid death toll was approaching the one million mark. At that time the Czech Republic, my home country, went from being one of the best at responding to the pandemic during the spring, to being the second worst in the world by early November. The total death count went from a few hundered to couple of thousand in about three weeks. Yet so many people were ignoring the data showing the danger of this pandemic. I asked what if we could see what those numbers actually looked like in real life? Because none of us will probably ever be able to see what thousands of coffins look like in one place, I created a virtual cemetery that shows the up-to-date numbers of people who have died of COVID-19 in each country. The stats are automatically updated every day from publicly avalilable API COVID-19 tracking sources.


This project was awarded a “Honorable mention” and “Mobile Excellence” on Awwwards.

It was moving to see people's reactions to the virtual cemetery, which made me feel like my goal for this project had been achieved. I was glad to have got the chance to work on another personal project. I improved my coding knowledge and was glad to work on a COVID-19 related project. It was something I'd wanted to do since the beginning of this pandemic, although I wish it hadn't been necessary.

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