I created a fun and user-friendly hub centric ring shopping experience

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Making eshop vymezovaci.krouzky.cz was an experiment that paid off. For a shop that sells single item, hub centric rings, I wanted to create simple, easy to use yet creatively unique shopping experience based around fun mascot, Mr. Ring, whom I created earlier. My customer was a bit skeptical of the radical proposal for the creative direction I came up with, but since my customers know that I know exacly what I'm doing he gave a green light. And so I created the most unique online store in the Czech republic was born and surely one of the best hub centric rings stores in the world.

What do customers say about the website?

- Great modern and imaginative online shop - Absolutely user-friendly e-shop, which allows you to find the goods you need in a flash - Really great site - Perfect, Mr. Ring is great - Very user-friendly and modern shop - Nice, clear site - Perfect layout

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