I'm a freelance artist and designer who also creates code. 18 years of proffesional experience with design and programing gives me technical independence and allows me to be more efficient and affordable than an agency.

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I make...

Websites & Microsites

From design concept to a live website. I also cooperate with other talented content creators (copywriters etc.) who help me deliver you an awesome final product.


I make creative illustrations for use in print and digital media. With custom licensing tailored to your needs.

Character Design,
Concept Art

I design characters for use in advertising (mascots), games or film.


I worked on many creative tasks over the years. So just ask. Maybe I can do it for you and if not, maybe I can refer you to somebody talented who can.

What my clients say


We have been working with Tom for about 20 years now and he is definitely part of my company's success. He is always improving himself, learning new things and keeping up with current trends. He is definitely not a sheep blindly following his customer's ideas. He is quick to offer suggestions and sometimes proposes radical changes. Thanks to Tom, our website got an award from AWWWARDS.

Michal David,
jednatel Adera s.r.o.

Working with Tom was always great and he always delivered the best results when I gave him creative freedom. He always came up with something awesome and unique!

Jakub Frank,
ředitel Počítačová společnost s.r.o.

Tom made the most creative Czech hub centric rings online store for me, which my customers absolutely love. He also designed our mascot Mr. Ring, who has become the icon of vymezovaci-krouzky.cz. I have been working with Tom since 2008 and I'm always completely satisfied with the final product.

Vít Vondřich,
provozovatel vymezovaci-krouzky.cz

Tom is the first person to come to mind when I've needed something creative, intuitive and innovative, whether it be for branding or development of a website. He combines this seamlessly with professionalism and attention to detail. He has already created several brands and other designs and keeps me wanting to find other projects just to see what new ideas he generates.

Sam Pickinpaugh,
Key Industry Engineering s.r.o.

What can I make for you?