Fancy visuals
for good
boys & girls

& sorcery

We are a small creative studio based in Prague, using design magic to create memorable experiences to make your brand shine. We love making websites and microsites, illustrations, character designs, concept art and animations etc.

Things we
stand for

Life is short so we don't want to waste it on designing projects we are not 100% into. We have to approach your project like it is the last we'll ever do. Mutual excitement about your project is the key to success.

We love this planet so much that we can only work for good boys and girls who are not trying to destroy it. With great power comes a great responsibility.

Brave and bold is our motto and we shall live by it. We want our work to stand out, be modern and try new things. We believe that conservative approach in design is not a way forward and we never go back.

What fancy thing can we make for you?